C-print, 60″x70″

My passion for the figure has manifested itself throughout all phases of my artistic development. Manually or digitally, whether I use chicken wire and plaster, a still camera and mirrors, or my digital tools, I build, construct, weave and assemble.

In my latest series, like scientists who create organs outside the body from a few cells, I warp and mold “skin fabric,” or photographic close-ups of skin textures I have digitally assembled, into a sculptural object, as a new entity or avatar of the figure.

My earlier figures are photographs of mirror reflections, where the distortions are due to a mylar reflective surface, or to the intersecting lines of mirrors. When I would see the image through the lens, I had a feeling of immediate recognition, and then I captured this virtually “constructed” image as I saw it.

I build on these basic constructed units. Compositions of multiple figures become clouds, foliage, or water. I also use and re-use my compositions in different and ever expanding contexts, as in “House.” I call these “Constructions.” My dream would be to assemble all the basic and complex constructions I have built into one vast composition.